5-year / HELOCs Hit All-time Low of 2.19%

July 23, 2016

We’ve never had a 5-year / HELOC rate this low. If you prefer the flexibility of a readvanceable mortgage, this is the one to consider.

This HELOC includes a 5-year fixed component at an effective rate of 2.19% plus a revolving line of credit at prime + 0.50% (currently 3.20%). It is one of the most feature-rich standard HELOCs in the market, including:

  • Automatic credit line increases each time you make a mortgage payment
  • Full e-banking capability with bill pay, online funds transfers, etc. (Lender charges a $6/month fee but we rebate that in full for $500,000+ mortgages)
  • Interest offset capability (i.e., your paycheque offsets your debt to save interest)
  • 10% lump-sum prepayment privileges, usable anytime
  • A 100% payment increase option
  • A double-up payment option
  • Blend and increase privileges
  • Excellent portability
  • 30-day rate hold.

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This rate is available where the mortgage and credit line combined total no more than $750,000. The minimum combined loan amount is $200,000.

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Legal Stuff:  The 2.19% rate shown is a cashback effective rate. It includes a cash rebate equivalent to a 0.03% extra rate discount, with payments based on a 2.22% contract rate. The APR equals the rate shown assuming a $500,000+ no-fee closing. This HELOC product has two portions, a locked-in 5-year fixed component at the aforementioned 2.19% effective rate plus a revolving credit line at prime + 0.50%. Portability and increases are subject to approval. This all-time low reflects rates tracked by intelliMortgage. This offer is valid on July 23, 2016 and may end without notice. Contact intelliMortgage for complete details. FSCO 12326. OAC.