intelliMortgage makes history with lowest-ever 5-year fixed rate of 1.99%

August 25, 2016

intelliMortgage has become Canada’s first mortgage provider to offer a 5-year fixed rate below 2.00%.

According to data from, our 1.99% rate is a record low for Canada’s most popular mortgage term. For borrowers with a lower risk tolerance, this mortgage provides the savings of a variable rate with the certainty of a locked-in fixed.

Unlike other deep discount promotions, this mortgage is well appointed with features like:

  • A 120-day rate hold
  • 20% annual pre-payment privileges
  • Optional annual 20% payment increases
  • Portability in case you move (same-day ports only; upon qualification)
  • Ability to increase your mortgage and blend your rate with a discounted prepayment charge
  • A “fair” penalty if you break the mortgage early
  • A FREE valuation (a.k.a., appraisal)
  • A FREE one-year home warranty (N/A on condos; deductibles apply for claims)

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Legal Stuff:  The 1.99% rate shown is for CMHC-insured mortgages only (those with less than 20% down payment). Available on mortgage of $250,000 to $949,999 only. Must close within 120 days. Pre-approvals and bridges not available with this promo. This all-time low reflects rates tracked by intelliMortgage. This offer is may end without notice. Only applicable to clients who have not applied with intelliMortgage in the last six months.  Contact intelliMortgage for complete details. Normal legal fees apply. APR varies from 1.99% and up, based on your lawyer’s legal cost and any rebates. FSCO# 12326. OAC.