intelliMortgage Named Finalist for 2019 Canadian Mortgage Awards

April 3, 2019 intelliMortgage named CMA Finalist

intelliMortgage named CMA FinalistintelliMortgage has been nominated as Digital Innovator of the Year by the Canadian Mortgage Awards.

The recognition follows intelliMortgage’s advancements in helping mortgage shoppers obtain unbiased rate comparisons.

“When we first imagined intelliMortgage (iM) in 2011, we dreamed of a mortgage experience that took every possible bias out of the system,” says co-founder Rob McLister. “We knew such a model wouldn’t be as profitable per mortgage as a typical mortgage broker. That’s hard to do when you give two-thirds of your commission back to the client via rate buydowns and closing cost rebates. But we knew that if iM did the right thing for people, they’d come back and they’d spread the word.”

And they have. Last year was a breakout year for intelliMortgage, which saw 49% growth in unique visitors, 20% growth in the company’s self-directed (“Digital”) mortgage business and among the best online conversion rates in the industry. It also boasted 100% 5-star Google reviews in the last year.

The company’s growth was driven largely by two technology innovations:

  1. intelliMortgage’s exclusive Mortgage Builder, a specialized mortgage search engine that compares rates and features from Canada’s top 100 lenders, as well as niche lenders that lead on rates and value, and
  2. Its intelligent application (“iApp”) which allows digital document uploads, online approval updates, electronic signing and instant online support.

“Mortgage consumers deserve better,” McLister said in a statement to the Canadian Mortgage Awards. “intelliMortgage was built to deliver better, by making shopping for a mortgage easy, speedy, educational and—most importantly—economically advantageous.”

The Canadian Mortgage Awards will take place in Toronto on April 26, 2019.