Let Us Help You

Many folks are perfectly capable of choosing their own mortgage, while others prefer a professional opinion. Fortunately, intelliMortgage also has some of the top full service mortgage planners in the country. And they’re just a phone call away.

For an average borrower, full service and professional advice adds a small fraction to the typical monthly payment. But great advice can pay for itself many times over.

What You Get With Full Service

  • Your very own dedicated mortgage consultant
  • Term analysis and recommendations
  • Amortization reduction strategies
  • Refinance advice and with penalty estimates
  • Counselling on complex applications

Who is Right for Full Service

  • Rental property buyers / Investors (available only via full service)
  • First-time homebuyers and Newcomers to Canada
  • Borrowers who can’t prove income (available only via full service)
  • Credit-challenged borrowers (available only via full service)

Unlike our “Self-directed” option, full-service consultants are paid a placement fee by the lender you choose. There are no broker fees whatsoever unless you require private or commercial financing.