Rate Guarantee

Up-Front Rate Guarantee

You want the best rate possible, so intelliMortgage minimizes the middleman to maximize your savings. We are the only mortgage provider in Canada to track every prime lender that publicly advertises mortgage rates, more than 350 in all.

But unlike most mortgage providers, we give back a chunk of our compensation to “buy down” our clients’ interest rates. That’s how we can guarantee your rate is among the lowest rates in Canada. If you find a lower rate, we will try our best to match or beat it.

Rate Normalization

Rate normalization is a fancy way of saying that we quote the lowest possible rate on each DIY mortgage, with the goal of earning the same minimum level of profit per application. We’re not aware of any other brokers who do this but it’s the very foundation of how intelliMortgage works.

What rate normalization does is take bias out of the equation. In other words, it removes incentives for the broker to promote one mortgage over another in order to get paid more.

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After-Approval Rate Guarantee

Once you’re approved, we watch for lower rates. If another lender advertises a rate that’s more than one-tenth per cent lower, and your lender won’t match it, you can switch lenders at no cost.

It’s always your option. We’ll also check your rate before closing. If the lender you’re approved with has cut its rate for your mortgage, and there’s time to rebook the rate before you close, we’ll make sure your rate drops.

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