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3yr Fixed (Insured)

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The perfect middle-of-the-road term!

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A Rate With Lots to Love

For those seeking a medium-term financing option, this three-year fixed rate—a rate below many variable rates—is hard to beat.

Compared to a longer term, which can entail high breakage penalties, this mortgage gives you the flexibility of a closer maturity date. That flexibility can be invaluable if you need to renegotiate your mortgage later—for example, you move, wish to lock in a lower rate or need to refinance.

Who’s Right For This Deal

You get virtually all the benefits of a big bank mortgage, plus more. This special is a perfect fit for:

  • Folks who might make changes to their mortgage before five years and want to minimize their penalty chances
  • Those who feel rates are going down or sideways for a few years
  • Someone who doesn’t plan to hold their mortgage more than three years.

Consider this rate if you have:

  • Less than 20% for your down payment (the lender offers it on insured mortgages only)
  • A mortgage no bigger than $950,000
  • At least 3-4 months of living expenses saved up
  • A better-than-average ability to handle higher payments
  • An amortization of 20 to 25 years
  • Good credit and provable income.

Rate Specifics

  • Offer based on a $300,000 mortgage. Lower rates are available on higher loan amounts, and vice versa.
  • This rate is for insured mortgages only (i.e. your mortgage must be more than 80% of your home value, or you must already have default insurance)
  • This rate is applicable to purchases only at this time
  • This rate comes with a 120-day rate hold.
  • Its flexible 20% annual lump sum prepayment privileges can be paid in instalments throughout the year
  • There is a 20% payment increase privilege as well
  • The mortgage links to any bank account for payments
  • Mortgage increases may be done after closing with the lender's standard penalty built into the new interest rate. 
  • Early discharge entails a reasonable 3-month interest penalty or IRD charge, whichever is greater (this is a fair-penalty lender)
  • This offer is a special intelliMortgage promotion for new business. Rate is not available on existing applications.
  • Other conditions may apply. E&OE. O.A.C.
  • This offer is available on approved credit and subject to change without notice.

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How It Stacks Up

Today’s top deal should be the best value right across the country (excl. Quebec). But don’t take our word for it. Compare this deal to others using Canada’s most popular rate shopping tools.